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In 2017, Artist Nhat Be – One of the first Blackwork style tattoo artists in Vietnam has combined with the brothers experienced a thick and a certain position in the same profession to establish the Alchemist Tattoo. The desire to help customers show their ego and tell the story of meaning through unique tattoos only available at the Alchemist.




When you arrive at the Alchemist tattoo shop, we will listen to your story and convey meaning through sketching or creative drawings directly on the tattoo position in accordance with your wishes. The value of each tattoo that artists at Alchemist Tattoo is unique, only you own and proudly tell your own story.

“Over time, the line may be broken, the ink may be fade, but the meaning of the story behind that will forever.”


Blackwork - Oldschool Japanese - Neo Traditional - Dot Work


Blackwork tattoo style grows from simple but detailed ideas, combined with realistic style. The Blackwork design is completely focused on the tattoo artist's technique of making sharp, delicate and definitive lines to make the tattoo stand out and attract the looker. Blackwork deserves reverence for its boldness, a resonance that pushes to the full dot & line techniques.


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Dot work is a tattoo style that uses a variety of complex techniques to give small details of the work and to cast a shadow similar to the technical skill of the tattoo artist, dot by the needle. This type of tattoo gives fans a deeper picture and makes them feel its exquisite beauty.


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Neo-traditional tattoos represent old school boundaries but require more detailed and edgy tattoos. The artist who shows the imprint is a thick, strong outline combining bright, vivid, white or black colors depending on the owner's preference. The mainstream colors are dark black lines and neon color palette, which makes the tattoo attractive and captivating. 


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This is a style that combines Old School tattoo style and Japanese tattoo art. Each detail on the tattoo is colored differently and uses thick lines separating each detail to make the tattoo vivid and the true depiction of its significance.


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We've been here and ready to listen to your story! Invite to 42 Nguyen Hue, District 1 to share and experience with Alchemist Tattoo. Remember to make an appointment for the artists of the tattoo shop to prepare and welcome you more kindness!

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